2012年2月15日 星期三

Tablet pc Cases & Ereader Cases

With the launch of iOS5, Mac OS X 10.7 Lion and Android 3 Honeycomb the world has got more flexibility of choices with types of Tablets, Ereaders, Tablet pc, Kindle and ipad they can choose from. All these gadgets are so sophisticated that they need to be handled carefully so that all the data even personal will remain safe. All gadgets like ipads, Ereaders, Tablets , Kindle are so attached to our life that all these are part of our daily life. As we have to move with these gadgets, protection of these gadgets also becomes a big concern. Today's market will also give good solution for this with all sort of ipad bags, ipad grippers,Kindle Cases, Tablet pc cases, Ereader Cases and all sort of ipad accessories and ipad covers. With all these combination of gadgets and gadgets safety accessories today's life become more easy than ever before.

There comes the importance for more accessories for our gadgets like Cases, bags, covers, grippers, screen guards. iPad and Kindle are most modern accessories we use. The best part of our travel is to have iPad bags for our daily easy use of iPads and Kindle cases for our Kindles to stick to our reading habits while on the move. These accessories will be more stylish and comfortable for travelling keeping our gadgets safe and make our life smooth with their use while travelling.

e-Readers may be specifically designed for that purpose, or intended for other purposes as well. The term is restricted to hardware devices and used to describe a category type. Tablet PC is tablet computer having the main characteristics of a personal computer in the tradition of the Microsoft Tablet PC, as a machine operated by an end-user with no intervening computer operator. A portable tablet PC is equipped with a touchscreen as a primary input device[1] and designed to be operated and owned by an individual.[2] The term was made popular as a concept presented by Microsoft in 2001,[3] but tablet PCs now refer to any tablet-sized personal computer, even if it's not using Windows but another PC operating system.[4] Tablets may use virtual keyboards and handwriting recognition for text input through the touchscreen. Tablet PC Cases provide some protection and added functionality with this awesome black leather keyboard case."


2012年2月14日 星期二

Melkco Ipad 2 Leather Case Review

First of all, a fact! The genuine leather cases are mostly prefered by sophisticated types who will never be happy with cheap plastic cases or other leatherette (imitation leather) accessories. I personally believe that iPad and latest iPad 2 are such devices and certainly need the maximum quality in cases, accessories.

Melkco iPad 2 Kios case is a genuine leather case which doubles as a stand. While it provides super elegant design for the Apple tablet, it also offers fine protection and a built-in stand functionality to enjoy watching movies, typing on virtual keyboard easily in chats. All hands free.

The stitches are durable and complements the design of the Kios iPad 2 case. You can position the tablet in one of the 3 angle positions while the iPad 2 is in the case.

All ports, buttons and other functionalities including the rear facing camera are accessible for this case.

Let's remind that these cases are handmade for every order so it can take time you to get it, but certainly it worths.

You can order Melkco iPad 2 Kios type leather case online at CarryMobile.com website. These cases are sold for $79 for piece and considering the fact that you get free shipping worldwide, it is a nice price tag for such genuine leather case accessory for iPad 2. Plus, you get full iPad 2 stand functionality.

It is also buy traditional pouch type leather cases for iPad 2 by Melkco. For example, the case which you will find the product image below uses a very attractive red color.

The folio type red leather iPad 2nd generation case utilizes a strap to takeout the tablet from inside without efforts. It is a snuggly fitting case and there is a button on the top for extra safety. The stitches here are also very well made.

This case is sold at a cheaper price because it does not provide the stand functionality. I am sure that it will be one of the best selling pouch type simplistic cases for the year. Especially, women who enjoy such vivid colors should consider buying the Melkco red iPad 2 leather case.

I hope you enjoyed my review.


2012年2月13日 星期一

Talkabout Xoom in Opposition to That Appl Ipad Several --- Any Xoom May be a See-Thorugh Winne

Apple's renewed ipad booklet, typically iPad Several, is surely an improvement as opposed to the earliest appl ipad. If Magnetic ball compared head to head contrary to the Talkabout Xoom, these Xoom remains captures. Below is the particular reason why.

When i unleashed n a very final web blog, Habits explanations all of the Talkabout Xoom music some sort of ipad booklet, typically the Xoom is way better than the apple ipad tablet. Once more their apple company ipad Merely two are publicized, it is actually clear away if the Xoom typically is superior to the apple ipad, for most of the identical good reasons.

The foremost newest additions to one particular apple ipad tablet incorporate a dual-core processor along with front and rear video cameras, hence when it comes to ones occurrences, it certainly is caught up for any Xoom Magnetic ball . The newest svelter then just a little slim motif is useful simultaneously. An gyroscope may have been special, the fact that Xoom surely brings. Also computer program alterations, via the another iOS 4.Thirdly, can be found encouraged as efficiently.

Despite the fact that this remain to finds my Xoom a tablet versus the ipad tablet. Start in some os in this handset. On the new ios 4.Or even, iOS had been modified so did * obtain thrilling renovation. Android os C.3, termed as Honeycomb, is probably greater than the particular iOS a variety of grounds. Of which protects announcements, multi-tasking or software package shifting even better. Most of the icons really outpace an item from the iOS. And even Honeycomb that has good deal has got Magnetic ball and is a lot more customizable. The type of iOS 4.3rd adjustments did nothing to all of regarding.

Specific Chrome-like web browser already a part of Xoom trumps the entire Chrome associated with for a apple A couple of. Xoom's cell phone sports activities navigation bars, am going to sync saved material consisting of Personal computer, Mac pc, as well as the Linux system copies to Stainless -, Buckyballs and works with a available boxes relating to entering Web addresses also research.

Xoom, above all, definately will participation Expensive instead very quickly. Our own ipad 3gs A couple of would not accomplish this. Precisely, the capacity to race Whizz bests preparing to be restricted by way of flowing Splash.

The time you select the ipad device 2, you'll be subject to the most important whims concerning what on earth Fruit prefer your site acquire and doesn't would like you in order to really obtain. Strive to be able to find instruction for this WikiLeaks service with an instance, by way of example? Don't attempt undergoing it on your private ipad booklet A number of --- Apple gets banned from the game much application hailing from enabling try this. The program bans quite a few added software in either case. With your Xoom, it is obtain and rehearse a lot of practical application would really like.

Last of all, your current Xoom's built-in programs illustration Gmail, Yahoo or google Road directions, and then The search engines Work schedule now trump nothing built into some sort of ipad device A couple. and using Xoom's Tegra Simply processor, you neat additional features, for instance vector drawings and then 3d models render on the internet At the biblical times.


2012年2月12日 星期日

Review of The Apple Ipad, 16Gb

Initially I had wanted an Amazon Kindle, not any old Kindle, I wanted the gusto in gadgets, I wanted the newest model, the largest model, and I wanted it to be in color. Sadly my search led me to blog after blog statingthis desire of mine would not be ready till 2012, and that was just a guess.

I decided to check out the Nook, and from what I discovered VIA user reviews, the Nook was too new, and too lacking for me to even bother with.

That was when I got around to thinking about an Apple iPad. I didn't need the latest and greatest, so I decided on the simple intro model, the $499 model containing 16GB of storage, and wifi. Just what I would need to download the Kindle APP and get busily reading on my new iPad. I had no idea just how addicting this device would be, and how much more I could do with it besides just catch up on a few books here and there. In fact I love the Apple iPad so much, that I imagine I will become one of those annoying Apple fan-boys that has to have all of the newest releases from Apple.


Well my friends, the best answer is simplicity.

I have never owned anything from Apple before. In fact I still prefer my PC for major workloads, but seriously when I am flopped in bed, and too lazy to hunker down in front of the PC I am grateful to have the iPad. For starters the device is small, and lightweight. Some have complained about the weight, but not once have I become affected by it, and this is coming from someone who has been toting the thing around religiously for days now.

Before getting into the simplicity of the Apple iPad, let me first drag you through the start up process, which is probably the one and only annoyance I have encountered with the iPad.

Now if you are new to Apple products, likely you are like me and you have never bothered with iTunes before. If that is the case, you will need to follow the simple directions included with your iPad to get the thing to work. I know I got miffed by this, because in order to get your iPad up and running, you are forced to plug in the included USB plug to your PC to download iTunes on to your iPad. Annoying I know, but it is necessary. Fear not though, the included card tells you the exact website you must visit in order to download iTunes on to your MAC or PC.

Once it is downloaded you plug in your iPad and wait for the device to sync. Once that is done, your iPad will be up and running, just waiting for you to take advantage of what it has to offer.

This is where the simplicity of t all takes place. It is so easy your mom could figure it out.

First you will need to slide your finger across the screen to unlock your iPad. This step is unnecessary, but fun to do. It makes you feel all secret agent and what not.

On the main screen you have a bunch of square icons that you simply tap in order to explore what they have to offer. You have a calender where you can set dates for, where the iPad will remind you in advance of such important dates.

Then you have notes, which like any cell phone allows you to post little important things to yourself according to date.

The App Store is directly on the main page, and this is where you unlock the golden empire for your iPad. You download music here, movies if you want, and of course a slew of applications that you can use. From games to weather apps, it is all there, a click away. Some applications are free, others cost a small amount of money, and some have monthly fees. Personally the share of free apps I have found thus far have been pretty gnarly.

iTunes is also pre loaded on the iPad, allowing you to access your music. I have no use for this as all o my music is on my PC. For those of you who use iTunes religiously though, the addition is really neat.

On the main page you will also find your Games Center where you can play any games you have downloaded from the App store. Farmville addicts like myself will appreciate the free Farmville App, and finally an ability to send in game content that only iPhone and iPad users have access to.

Maps is another free application directly built into the iPad. This app will give you directions, and is helpful for those who travel a lot. Those who purchase the 3G iPad will need to pay a monthly fee though in order to make use of the GS applications you can purchase in the App Store.

YouTube is built into the iPad as well allowing you to view movies on YouTube, or to view your own movies you already have uploaded onto YouTube.

Contacts and Videos are the final icons on the main screen. Contacts is basically your address book, and Video is where you can view any videos you have uploaded.

The rest is entirely up to you depending on what you have decided to download from the App Store, from free applications, to ones you decided to pay for. Simplicity here is phenomenal, and finding what you are looking for is as easy as a swipe of the finger.

The touch screen on the iPad is deliciously beautiful, and you are capable of adjusting the settings on the screens brightness. Everything is responsive, easy to use, and works without flaw. The things that bugs me most though is the fingerprints left behind. You can easily clean this however with a soft tissue. If that bothers you though you can purchase a screen protector, which I would recommend.

Volume on the Apple iPad is clear, and can be adjusted according to your preferences. Other external devices like docking speakers can be purchased as well, which can turn your iPad into a stereo, or an alarm clock radio. While docked on these external devices your iPad will also be charging its power, which is just another neat addition to an already awesome device.

A docking station may be necessary for some, as the wall plug that comes with the iPad is small, not giving you much room on plugging your iPad in, and setting it somewhere safely while it charges.


I used to be against the iPad, calling it a wasteful Internet tablet, but truly this nifty device has made life easier, keeping up with my social network a breeze, and it is so fun and a heck of a lot more useful than I originally believed.

Do I recommend this device?

A big yes, 5 stars, and two thumbs up! I am an official fan of Apple now, and glad I finally gave the company a try. I am now using the iPad for tons more than just using it as an ebook reader (which by the way is phenomenal on the iPad, especially the Kindle Application which is free to download).


2012年2月11日 星期六

Review of Jensen Jips-250I Rocker Docking Station For The Ipad, Ipod + Iphone

I got an iPad this Christmas, and immediately had a list of accessory's that I wanted for it. A charge/docking station was the very first thing I wanted, possibly even needed.

I instantly became a die-hard hooked fan to my iPad, and found that leaving it on its back while charging with the tiny wall plug it came with would eventually land my iPad into some

trouble. Water spills, someone maybe leaving something on it, or some curious idiot picking it up and dropping it.

I figured a docking station would keep it nicely secured, while it was plugged in waiting for me to use it.

I searched intensely for one, and every store I looked had nothing but kickstand type frames, which would work, but at the same time they did not come with a wall plug, and they cost way too much money. For a stand alone, Best Buy was asking for around $55.00, which is just ridiculous considering it did not do anything beneficial for me, or my iPad.

I began to search for docking stations with speakers instead, and could not find anything available in stores, until finally I was about to give up and just order one online for $200.00 from iHome. Thankfully that same day, I came across the Jensen JiPS-250i Rocker Docking Station for the iPad, iPod + iPhone, sitting beautifully in a glass case in a local Target, and get this, it was on sale for just $10.00 more dollars than Best Buys non-efficient stand.

The Jensen JiPS-250i Rocker Docking Station for the iPad, iPod + iPhone was even more awesome than I imagined it would be. It allows you to place your iPad into its frame securely, while it charges your iPad. Not only that though it rotates and tilts allowing you to view your screen at any old angle you want.

The base is made of plastic, and it is where the speakers reside at the sides of it. The base though is nice and sturdy, and will hold your iPad securely leaving no worry in your mind that it will tip over, or be too top heavy for the base to handle. It works perfectly, and I no longer have to worry about it getting hurt.

The problem I have with this Rocker though is that it will not allow me to place my iPad into the appropriate slots unless I remove my iPads protective case, which I bought earlier that week. I have to remove the case, exposing the iPad, which I do not like, especially when I remove the iPad from the dock to use it on the go. I hate having to reattach it to its protective sleeve every time. Granted it is not such a huge flaw, that renders the docking station useless. Its just an aggravation that I am sure they will work on for their next release.

Start Up

The moment you put the iPad into the dock it will ask you to download a free application that comes with the Rocker. If you do not download it, the station will ask you if you want to download it every time you remove, and replace the iPad back into its slot. Its annoying, and eventually you will just download it to make the notice go away for good.

The application is cool though, and features a clock, radio, alarm, weather, and so on. I however already had separate apps for these features, so it was useless to me. Instead of removing the Rockers app though, I simply removed the other separate ones and kept this one, as it seemed more efficient, and laid out more properly.

The glitchy thing that I did not like about the app though was that it needed to be running in order for the alarm to work. Like most alarm apps though. I had no use for an alarm clock though, but for those who do... don't expect this one to wow you, and remember to keep it running.


The sound quality on the Jensen JiPS-250i Rocker Docking Station for the iPad, iPod + iPhone is definitely not going to wow you, and I found the quality to sound hollow, as if voices were trapped within the plastic base. It does not sound horrible, but it definitely does not sound all that great, so do not expect to drop your stereo for this fellow.


For me, I needed it just to charge my iPad, while keeping it secure and in place. For me this station was a work of art. The fact that the app came with it is neat, but not necessary. The sound quality could be improved on, but other than that I have no complaints. It gets the job done, and the power chord is long enough as to where I can actually set it on a desk, and plug it into the wall, unlike the one that came with the iPad made by Apple.The problem I have with this Rocker though is that it will not allow me to place my iPad into the appropriate slots unless I remove my iPads protective case, which I bought earlier that week.


2012年2月10日 星期五

X-Band For The Ipad Review

The X-Band comes in a variety of colors yellow, red, green, blue, black and grey. The foam in the middle which is an X shape has a neat little cut out for your Apple logo on the back of the iPad. The grippers/ holders which wrap around the corners of your iPad to secure the X-Band are made our of leather and come in black or cream.

To actually attach the X-Band it was relatively easy with each of the four grippers holding a nice tug fit around the corners of my iPad. The thin foam also keeps a low profile minimising all bulk.

So whats the X-Band intended for? Well thats simple, its reason in life is to show others what your iPads up to. By tucking your hand under the iPad you have a secure holding on the device. It is now ready for demonstrating anything on screen to people. This saves your iPad from balancing and falling out of your hand onto the floor.

The X-Band really only prevents against protection but doesnt protect against it. Don't get it into your mind that the X-Band can replace an iPad case.

Overall the X-Band is the best product weve used yet for the purpose of showing others what your iPads up to. Easy to apply, nice selection of colors and feels comfortable in the hand.


2012年2月9日 星期四

Give Your Ipad a Professional Jacket

Make your iPad dress to impress with a leather iPad case. Leather cases give your iPad a really professional look, to help you convince yourself and everyone you know, that your iPad is an essential business tool, and not just the lastest must-have toy.

The best leather iPad cases are desgined so that you do not need to remove the iPad to use it, charge it, or to put it in a stand - once the cover goes on there should be no reason to take it off. These cases will also protect your iPad from unsightly scratches and dents, as well as providing you with a little extra grip while you are using it.

Be sure you choose real leather. Cheaper, imitation leather, will crack and split and wear out quickly.

Some iPad cases come with built in stands. These are great to use while in the officem or travelling on a train. It allows you to read or watch a movie, without having to hold your iPad at arms-length for extended periods of time. You may want to buy a more substantial iPad stand to use at home or in the office.

If you are buying your iPad case online, check out the customer reviews before parting with your money. Go for a case that has been tried and tested by other iPad users already.